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Russia resumes gas flows to Europe after fears of a total shutdown

Jul 2022 21
Nord Stream 1 provider said gas flows have resumed after maintenance works.Hannibal Hanschke | ReutersThe operator of Nord Stream 1, a key gas pipeline which runs from Russia to Germany, said Thursday it was in the process of resuming flows to Europe.There had been concerns across the region that there could be a complete shutdown of gas supplies via the pipeline after it was closed earlier this month for maintenance. Flows had been due to be restart Thursday after the completion of the works.A spokesperson for Nord Stream confirmed to CNBC via email that the company is "in process of resuming......

Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Jul 2022 19
Russia over-committed in Donbas and likely to make slow progress, UK saysRussia continues to commit what are nominally six separate armies to its Donbas offensive, according to the latest intelligence update from the British Ministry of Defence, that noted Tuesday that at full strength, before the invasion, these formations were established for around 150,000 personnel. In recent weeks, Russia has often operated with company-sized groupings of around 100 personnel when undertaking offensive operations in any one sector at a time, the ministry noted.Nonetheless, Russia has struggled to sustain effective offensive combat power since the start of the invasion and this problem......
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